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mushin 8.2 impossible with 511AP (assassin)


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i know that people were able to do it with 450 as assassins but since my ping is a bit high (150-230) I waited until i got 500+ to try it. despite what people are saying mushin seems to see right through my stealth although he doesn't have true sight from the 1st phase.

his shield is a real pain to break. i can't figure out when he is going to grab, i make sure to always move of course but sometimes he just grabs me which significantly reduces the dps, his air combo is a real pain as it deals quite a lot of damage while reducing mine for multiple seconds.

ice AOE? wheather i backstep and sacrifice my dps for multiple seconds or i stay inside dpsing, get frozen and then comboed or grabbed which leads to the same result.


I ve tried both the offensive and defensive approach, if I focus on dmg I get a heck lots of damage and knockbacks/stuns/knockdows. dodging means not enough damage and he enrages (if i didn't get wrecked before that.


honestly i only tried to fight him about 10 times in a row and ended up rage quitting. and i am reffering to his phase 2.

in phase 1 i also get grabbed a lot  but my AP makes up for those.

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as a sin i had trouble with mushin for a while till i learned his combos the ice aoe only shows up when you're not doing enough dps if your dps is fine it wont come up, as for the grab he doesnt really grab or i dont notice because im always moving around him but you'll see a dark circle appear and all u have to do is iframe or  move behind/to the side of him. it's a consistent pattern if you're having trouble staying in stealth if u knockdown it'll reset his combo and it's a easy way to get into stealth just keep him stunned in stealth or dazed etc with your timebomb spinal tap throwing dagger if thats what it's called i forgot when he jumps to the middle quickly tab him so u can continue dps

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