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[Red Mask] Drop Rate! -_-

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So there's this one Face Costume that I really wanted for my 'Warlock' which turned out to give me a lot of trouble (it's only Blue Grade) and it took me 267 Runs of [Goldleaf Foundry] to finally get the [Red Mask] from [Dusk Adder Overseer Furin]......... "TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN!!!!!!" *bruh!* like can someone please tell me why the Developers decided to smoke cocaine and do this??




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All the assesories in this game are near to impossible to get. You have to spend an inordinate amount of time grinding over and over again, even blue category ones. As for the purples...too salty to comment without crickets 

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5 hours ago, Malign said:

I got it in 3 runs. You got really unlucky. (not to say I didn't get very lucky, but you probably got the bad end of the rng)

Yeah =/ seems that way. Well I guess my luck sucks THAT bad.

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It goes quicker if you do it on level. Just get to the end, kill the boss, run in to the training portal and right back out. This way you only have to kill the boss, and not run through the whole thing over and over. 


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8 hours ago, 821794_1452549952 said:

I got it on my Sin at run #77
When i switched to FM I wanted the mask for her too, got it at run #204
My friend got it at run #7 on her BM
Rng can be a Poopybutt! >:

Yeah it really can. also Gratz for getting it twice though :)

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3 hours ago, Noomega said:

over 230 runs here...  still no mask...   the feels are real 


the QQ is real.

I feel for you man :( I know that feeling when it feels hopeless that it will never show up... But just keep trying that Red Chest can just pop up at any random time. After doing over 200+ Runs there's no point giving up now when you have come that far or all that hard work for nothing =/

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1 hour ago, Onionio said:

I just gave up and painted a red mask on my pc monitor so my char looks like he's wearing hat b*tch.

lmao wow ^^ well it's nice to see your creative *Thumbs Up* to that :D


58 minutes ago, Kyrax said:

16 runs



Nice one! & gz :)

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3 hours ago, idk123 said:

I get two in the row in the first and second run but no one bielevies me :/

People are the same way when I tell them I got the Infinite Challenge from Dreadtide Arena on my first run during the quest for the area on my summoner (was great but pissed me off since I still don't have it on my KFM).
Just depends on when that .001% decided to let you have something or not.

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