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Share your story about meeting good players

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Sure I remember you :) So a more reason to join your party :) well...probably I'll use my second account to create an alt on Windrest as I haven't free slots on main account (or I'll decide to buy a s

Playing on my own since the Launch day,still have no one on my Friend list aside from blocked bots.   I did run into some decent ppl but I don't really friend list others unless they want to

I was playing on a mule and some guy offered me some help. He was so kind so I gave him a 25 ap gem for his main xD He was so happy and we're buddies now ^^

I meet this summoner when I was leveling my FM. I join his guild shortly and he would always help me with dungeons and quest. Now we are both 50 and I left his guild since we don't really play on the same time anymore and we play differently (he seems to be really casually and while I am casual as well I do want to try more dungeons). Parted ways but we still chat. 


Saw him at Grand harvest yesterday and we join party again. it was fun. He gave me a few tips on playing my summoner alt. I really like him but too bad his progression is a bit on the slow side. ><


Anyways I usually don't say much in dungeons even if your AP is low but I will get angry if you afk on purpose and I have known a few times not to help out in boss fights when there are some afk that's leeching especially for the purple dungones since they are harder.

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