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Did you know typhoon saves your life?


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Typhoon tier 2 stage 3, a skill that doesn't give you defense and you can be killed with, but stuns after 5 hits and deals descent damage, AKA red spin, works like anyother dodge skill


whenever a boss is about to cast an AoE skill (red ground), before it hits you, use typhoon, ONLY the first hit you receive with the FIRST cast of typhoon will make you totally dodge it, any AoE you receive, you will be vulnerable for it, it is useful in instances with bosses like yeti, asura, and even soulstone plains, sometimes people will look at you thinking why they had to spin only one time with that thing? but the truth is... you dodged a nice attack!


So as destroyer, soaring strike, typhoon, back dash, and fury can protect you from anything



Many people asks: why when Im on fury i still get knocked/stunned/grabbed/receive damage?

Here is the trick! if you cast fury, DONT move or do anything, stand still without moving anything, while your char is screaming, will be vulnerable to everything. If you move or attack it goes away, it can last around 2 seconds, its perfect if you use fury, no need to use persistence in those cases!


hope you enjoy destroyer!

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Don't forget Ram T4S2. Its animation also has iframes. So does Blitz Stage 3 if bnstree is to be trusted, but you miss out on its stun/daze+pull effect from Stage 1/2, which I don't recommend, since CC is one of the things Destroyer does best.

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