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Fire orbs and stealth?


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A question regarding Forcemaster orbs and stealth.


Forcemasters can get fire orbs through certain fire spell mechanics.

and frost orbs through certain frost spell mechanics (max 3 orbs).


If a forcemaster gets hit with orbs up:

Fire orbs - Reflects 3% damage per orb + stacks 1 ember.

Frost orbs - Recovers 2 focus and stacks 1 chill. 


So do the fire orbs break stealth when hitting a forcemaster, due to dmg reflect?
Or not?

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you obtain orbs from other skills as well if specced into it. Skills like Frost Tornado, Short Fuse, Ice palm, Glacial Beam, Flame Palm can all create orbs. And VS an assasin just try to keep frost orbs up so they freeze them selves and you can possibly start a combo

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