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Producer's Letter – 6/09 Livestream Questions


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Q: Blade and Soul is a great game, but has some quality of life problems compared to even much older and less advanced MMORPGs. 
Below is a list of some of these items. Many of these come from the forums or media sites, and some from my own extensive playtime.
Is there any plan to improve these areas to make the task of working with the game easier? 

  •  Inability to see the real total cost of selling on the Auction House (Upfront Fee + Tax)
  •  Inability to access the marketplace for cost checking in cross-server dungeons (or show average price in item description)
  •  Sanity check on listing price in AH for low prices (display message if less than half lowest price)
  •  Short text entry length in AH search field means some items can't be searched for directly
  •  Lack of web access to market data for external pricing tools
  •  Inability to trade in cross-server. You can already do this via the AH cross server so why make it more painful.
  •  Excessively limited number of bound-to-account items
  •  Lack of ready check feature in dungeons
  •  No display of how long since a user has been online in friends\clan list
  •  Inability of some clan permissions to be granted to trusted users (such as outfit selection)
  •  Warlock mob-resetting bug when using chaining skill
  •  No cool down lockout for auction bidding after large changes(after any non-automatic bid increase, a 2 second cool down to ensure that someone doesn't raise a huge raise)
  •  No in-game hair restyling ability without purchase of expensive char alteration voucher (no inexpensive gold option)
  •  Cannot hide some quests from quest list
  •  Cannot set order of quests in quest list
  •  Inability to login in game after disconnection (requires complete shutdown of game)
  •  Inability to rejoin a dungeon if you are dead after a disconnect
  •  Rejoin duengon places you at the start rather than where you were
  •  Stuck in combat without reason issue
  •  Stuck in place bugs in Asura second boss (when some skills are used on the glass)
  •  No cross-server whisper
  •  Inability to join in-progress cross server dungeons by number. People can do this now anyway with the recruit trick so why limit it.
  •  Inability to change channels in 24 man areas. People do it anyway by just asking for invites to the right channel, why restrict it
  •  No shortcut for replying to the last received whisper
  •  Lack of Vote-to-kick for non-AFK players (controversial I know)
  •  Inconsistent player orientation when entering some portals (not pointing forward)
  •  No clock display in cross-server dungeon\PVP lobby
  •  No hotkey to equip\unequip pet
  •  No ability to stop friend invite spam (such as "Limit friend requests to people I've been in a group with" or just disable entirely options)
  •  No way in game to report players for verbal abuse
  •  Difficult to understand skill descriptions in skill panel
  •  Huge number of missing tool tips on status effects (many say "Unavailable" as the only tip)
  •  No ability to copy one skill configuration to another panel (when you have multiple panels unlocked)
  •  Limit on size of block spam list (increase to 1000 from 200)

I could go on, but you get the idea.

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Q: Is the game going to move in the direction of pushing the content that is too hard to play? Will there be content that a casual & solo player can do and thrive in the upcoming releases?


Explanation: the game when it came out was a fun play-ground with the green dungeons in x-server that popped in a matter of seconds and were easily cleared, and the 24M instances that you could do just fine. The Silverfrost solo content was actually fairly lucrative, until the new generation of dungeons hit us. But the new dungeons are all really hard to do, there is no repeatable solo content in the last patch save for a competitive Tower of Infinity intended to test an advanced player. Basically it feels like the game is trying to push away a casual player.

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Question: In regards to server transfers will you only be able to transfer servers within regions? For example: If you're on Ebon Hall you can only transfer to another EU server?


Reason for asking: Well I played on EU to play with my friends who no longer play so there's really no point continuing to play on EU and my geographic location will be best suited to an NA server in terms of quality of game play.


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Q. Can you change gon female's idle pose? The horrible pose with hand on hips and face angle making characters some kind of weirdos. Just looking at my FM makes me feel that I already have some kinds of severe disks on my back or something. 

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Q: Could you provide a brief window after starting a character (a few days played, or up to level 20, perhaps) where you can freely modify the character's appearance? It's quite easy to make a character that looks good in the character creation window, but after a little time playing with the character you notice a few minor changes that you'd like to make, and you have to start from level 1 again if you want to change their appearance without buying a character alteration. Alternatively, could you put a lot more animations and outfits into the character creation window? Could you also create a tool in-game to modify hairstyle or hair color without having to buy a character alteration?

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legaly speacking keybinding programs are kinda grey zone. they are 3th party programs but as well they are not hack,macro,bot or any kind of cheating. and on top of that Jonathan Lien (assistant producer) many time said of twitter, forum or stream that we can use softwear for keybinding as long as 1 action is 1 key.

my question is now if we get auto-ban from game guard for useing keybind program is it only till we don't submit ticket and admite what we use and till support don't see that for them self (24h-72h) or it can be permanent ban? 
and if i get on forum or twitter or stream some1 from NCSoft to say you CAN'T get bun for useing keybind program as long 1 key is 1 action does that mean whit that as proff i can get unban from GameGuard auto-ban?

and when will gameguard stop baning ppl for keybinding programs?

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Q: Will you lower the NPC items sold prices and increase currency given for junk you sell?


12 Silver for a Key, you can get it on Marketplace for far less, its as if the Development team just copy and pasted the Npc without checking the information and contrasting it with the location of such merchant. At lv5 you cant buy a key 12 silver each, gotta be more realistic havent had this happened to me in some years, most games have Merchants that have a normal selling currency rate. Blade and Soul is just off the chart.


For an example: Hey buys some HP potions from that Merchant Selling Price 1 Gold each, hey look you are barely level 10, how do they think your going to make 1 Gold at level 10. Im lv 12 and im barely at 12 silver. You got to increase the currency given by merchants when selling items or junk, Sell that duplicate of Soul Shard to that NPC, hey cool he gave me 2 copper coins nice eh. In the Marketplace you get 12 silver to 2 gold for selling a piece of Soul Shard.


It is really needed for the Devs to normalize the currency exchange rate ingame and drops.

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Will you stop that RNG like Black Desert Online?


RNG for Transmutation: Hey look you might have a 3% chance to get that Costume, you just got to salvage those 2 pricey and very hard to obtain costumes, just for a chance to try and get it. Its not a Get 2 costumes transmute and you get 1 High Cool Costume.


You are going BDO route remember this is the West Market We Hate RNG of that type, try and learn some things from Wildstar.

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Will Wardrobe be Account Wide???


Go Check Wildstar or take part of their Creative Department either way the game is dead but their Creative Team is better than yours.


In WS if you got an Armor, any class could wear it as a costume on any realm and any race.


Also no Dumb STAMPS to pass Costumes to another character thats just GREED pure and simple.

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Q: Why didnt you made Google Authentication for this game like Wildstar 


Blade and Soul uses the same system except that here we have to put the code every single time we logout while in Wildstar it saved our Code and IP address for 7 days and it was less painful and tiring having your phone next to your PC to place the code every 10 min or every 4 hrs instead of every 7 days like WS.

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Up front I want to say being an OLD time gamer I am more than happy to play content over and over to lvl but................


lvl 50 HM10 you get minimal experience from killing mobs, slightly better experience from killing boss mobs.  We are allowed to do 40 daily quests each day that give an average of 10-12k per quest.  The increase to 32.6M for HM11 with minimal improvement in quest and mob experience rewards is extremely off putting. 


Is there any improvement to the experience levels in coming content?

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Q: Can you create an option to change the font size and color for NPC list of items ? The font is very small and red, many times i find this the most annoying thing, i can't understand how many parts I need for an item. 

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Will Blade and Soul Ncoin cards start being sold in Australia again?


The current Aion/Lineage ncoin cards (which also work for BnS) are no longer being sold at EBgames and I have been told that they are discontinued.


With the current conversion it costs an extra $40 AUD for $100 dollars worth of ncoin, which puts me off spending money on the game.

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Do you plan to increase the number of channels in SSP? Every weekend while ppls on my server play-they are reduced to 2 -not to mention that we feel over crowded ,the lag is real and is no challenge to play in a super crowded place -you get no prestige ,have no chances for pvp anyways and entire thing gets hectic.
Do you plan to increase the drop of the keys that we need  for the moonstones ?
Do you know that the drop rate and the chances to get credit in Skypetal Plains drive the melee population away from game ?Any plans to make the effort of ppls to be rewarded as it should? 
Plans for increasing the drop rate of stingers? Everyone knows that you can't upgrade anything just by doing your dailies and the drops from 6 man dungeons are incredibly low.

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Thank you so much for your questions everyone! We will be closing this thread in order to gather all the questions for the Producer's Letter livestream that airs on June 9 at 4:00pm PDT. If there are questions in this thread that you would like to have answered, you are still be able to upvote them while the thread is closed.

See you then! ^_^

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