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moonwater transformation stone how to

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You need the following guilds.


Merry potters, (Crafts the potions you need)
Soul wardens (Crafts the stones)

Tree fellers

and the one that collect mud


To craft a full set of moonwater trans stones you need

15 moonwater tears (Marketplace or farm the item)

55 soulstones,  (Marketplace or farm the item)

10 moonwater quartz  (Marketplace or farm the item)

1 white ceder  (Tree fellers)

premium  tempered clay  (merry potters)


you need 5 moonwater + clay = tempered clay refiner

which you need to transfer into premium refiner

by adding 5 soulstones, 5 quartz, 


then for the trans stones

you need 50 soulstones, 10 tears, 5 quartz, 1 ceder and the premium refiner.

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