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Major lag spike after patch

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I been getting some major lag spoke every since the patch. Basically on my FM what ever I do or press takes a good 3 to 5 secs for the server to respone, doing the dailies was impossible because the boss would freeze and after 2 secs it could be flying towards you or even start smashing you in the face and you won't know it.  Same with my destroyer.


There was a lot of thread about this last night but it seems they somehow "disappear" so I am making this thread to see if anyone else having issue and how will Ncsoft react to it. I am guessing they won't do a thing since they don't really care about it.  I complain on their FB and twitter but nothing, not even a response from anyone.

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Same here, it's unplayable for me atm. I had some issues with lag and more crashes a few days before the patch but now it's just insane.

Just like you my screen freezes a few sec, specially during a boss fight. Not sure if NCSoft will fix this since this issue has been around for a while *sigh* =_=''

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