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Can anyone let me know how the Zaiwei dailies work ? how to spawn the bosses you need to kill etc ? 


Googled a bit , did not find any information .. .asked around in clan and faction chat ...no one seems interested or rather they might not know and did not wish to announce their ignorance 



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It's time based, very fast one at that (unlike beastbog ~.~). Final boss is Tarakhan, he will only spawn if you kill the 3 mini bosses. You get 3 daily quests, of which you need to kill those 3 mini bosses. After you kill the 3 mini bosses, Tarakhan pops in the middle (3-5mins after 3rd mini boss dies). Lastly, there is a chance once Tarakhan dies to summon an extra boss north east, a dragon pulse (red) should pop up near Tarakhan to take you there.


More details:

1st Mini Boss

-kill mobs around the building to summon boss

2nd Mini Boss (House of Pleasures)

-survive the waves to summon boss

3rd Mini Boss (with King Ogong)

-follow ogong, kill mobs

4th Tarakhan

5th Visago (rare mob)



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