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Short on gold; Next steps advice please

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Trouble is: I can't efficiently run heroic dungeons (=> Daily Challenge) due to my gear which means I'm always short on gold.

Oh I do know most of the other gold making tricks (read a guide on it), but as I'm fairly new I haven't got far enough yet to craft efficiently... Soulstones are the main problem here.

So common dailies it is... and farming Northern Critical Shields. Anyway, let it be done with saying that making gold is a big drag right now.


Can you advice me what to upgrade/get top priority depending on my current stats? I won't be able to upgrade anything fast, so what gives the best boost with the lowest cost in comparison?


What I own/wear currently:

25 AP Gem

Earrings & Ring just below Siren stage

Oathbreaker (276 AP or so)

Breeze Bracelet (own the Pirate one but it's way weaker)

Breeze Necklace (same as above)

Siren Belt (lvl 10)


Mixed SS

Labyrinth/Fiend/Yeti (working on full yeti but with 6-man randoms... so no need to give advice here it's just time consuming^^)


46k HP

424 AP

42% Crit

185% crit dmg

111% Accu

6% piercing


Thanks for advice:)

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Farm Zaiwei Ruins, easy money and it's a 24man dungeon.  The last boss's loot has a chance of giving frozen stingers, plus the chance of the secret boss spawning which gives 2-4 stingers.  People run this 24man constantly which makes it pretty easy to do.  For soulstones you can do soulstone plains, if you're a melee class you might have a bit of trouble though.


As for your gear, if you can get your earring, ring, and necklace to true siren it'll really boost your stats.  Also try upgrading your pirate bracelet, it'll give about 20 AP and 600 crit boost.

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