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SystemErr 300

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Good evening,  So now, I just made the latest game update and when I try to sign in with my main character, an error message is displayed -> You have been disconnected from the server. SystemErr - (300 : Server authentication failed ) .... So I thought there might be a maintenance on my server ( Hogdonny ) but this is not the case because I just created another character and it works perfectly ... If someone has or has had the same problem thank you for helping me .

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I've had this same problem since the last patch. I've been going back and forth with the customer support, so far they have not solved my issue. This is extremely sad because i have spent a good amount in this game. The answer given to me by  customer support was that i am experiencing packet loss and that  the game is trying to adjust my position to the last known location. Because the server is always right, (this is a security measure for anti-cheating/hacking) the game is forced to adjust my location to where the server last thought i was. This causes the character to "snap back" or "rubberband" to that location. If not enough data is received in a period of time, then the game will likely disconnect because it thinks you are no longer active. And for all the lads who can't still login and wants to play the next chapter really badly try using Pingzapper (use the dallas server) this actually worked for me, i don't know how but it did. I'm not sure if it's against the rules in this forum to name a third party program but if it is, i'll edit this.

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