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What am I missing?


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After picking up this game and playing it for a few days now my Force Master has hit level 26 on Windrest.

I've upgraded my weapon to the max I can, I cannot pick up the upgrade I need from Blackram Narrows by myself (no one seems to be around to help either).

I've upgraded my accessories to the max I can (Hongmoon accessories). I've checked quite a few soul shield guides and I have the Jadestone Village soul shield as

recommended by many at my level. 

So all of that brings my Ap at 93 and my Hp at 2837 (roughly, can't remember from the top of my head) 

But as soon as I reach Wraithbloom Meadows, if the mobs gang up on me its over for me and I have set my skill tree for good CC and yes I can

kill them with just a few hits and with some luck I've made it to Scorching Sands. Many guides tell me I should be "overpowered compared to the mobs" and 

talk about how "easy" it is. I feel like I've hit a brick wall as I cannot upgrade further without getting my weapon upgrade from Blackram Narrow, 

and/or grinding the lvl 20+ dailies in which my survivability is low. 


Or maybe I'm just crazy and this is how it supposed to be? No one really talks about character progression in depth really..


EDIT: This is really starting to irritate me. I sent out a party finder announcement for Blackram Narrows...

three level 21's just ran past to solo the dungeon who obviously

have a much higher Ap and upgraded weapon, because it seems they

get the required upgrades through their level 50 chars and then just trade with their lower level alts...


Any advice would greatly appreciated.



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On 6/1/2016 at 9:22 AM, Deadclass said:

you can use F8, Its a Dungeon Finder system basically. Can find people from other servers too who are looking to do the same dungeons as you in a queue. Uhh Good luck.

Use this advise here!  


F8 dungeon finder is how solo or partial groups fill out their party for dungeons.


Also ask for help in faction chat.  I help people on Mushin all the time when they ask in CO faction chat.

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