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Rupture Stage 1 (Focus recovery) requiring focus.


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It's not constant, so I'm assuming it's related to a specific state of buffs or conditions.


Either way, Rupture Stage 1 (specced to 3 points for 6 focus recovery) will sometimes not be able to be cast if you have less than 3 focus. (The requirement of stage 2)


Often while casting bombardment I will see the UI F skill for bombardment grey out, or simply disappear as soon as I dip under 3 focus, it doesn't seem to matter if it was activated by a bombardment crit, or wingstorm, or how long rupture has been "available", it seems to purely be based on the amount of focus available.


Again, this bug is not constant, though very frequent, so I'm assuming it's related to one or more of the Warlocks states or conditions. Unfortunately I have not been able to figure out which conditions these could be, as I'm not about to stop attacking a boss to take note of all of my current buffs, conditions and skill states when I see rupture become uncastable due to lack of focus.


Simply attacking a dummy with bombardment didn't seem to produce the bug, but if I get the time to do more testing, or if I happen to identify a cause or more information on the bug, I'll post it here.

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