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How am i supposed to report hackers ?

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Hello , so i've started playing a little more than week ago , so i'm pretty new.

Now i'm doing dailies for gold / farming xp for hm lvl etc ,  not the point the thing is 3rd or 4th day in row there is bot / speed hacker don't know what else hes using at same spot 

I did that daily at random times like literally trought 24h ~  and hes still there speed hacking killing mobs , on channel 1 like its natural,


I'm not talking about the problem that somehow nobody banned him in the spam in those days (maybe hes even doing it that longer)

But the lack of report button (or maybe its hidden so well that people shouldn't even bother reporting) is disturbing.


I really like this game (combat mostly) i don't care about cash shop, its fine to me game has to make money.

But if people can cheat without any punishment thats bad .


Anyways can anyone teach me how to report someone  ? 


P.S i have screenshot  ,

i can't record video , because my pc is to slow and i have no space in my SSD but if anyone is playing on same server can go check on him hes still probably farming those mobs 



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