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Hey guys,

I have lately huge problems too attack really fast. I mean: compared too other players I'm attacking way too slow and I dunno where the problem is,

or if my Ingamesettings are just wrong. 

Here`s what I mean: 

Compared too he`s attackspeed I'm attacking really, really slow.. what am I doing wrong?
I'm already using a pingbooster. Any good ideas that might help me? Or can you explain me, what exactly the problem is?


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I don't really know your issue, it may be cause by latency or whatever


Or it can be you're not doing ani-cancel.


For example :


Use X then RMB then 2 then RMB, then LMB

is faster than

Use X wait for 2 wait for LMB


Changing stance make your life easier

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If you, like me, have 200ms ping or more, you will never attack as quickly as the people you see in these Youtube videos. Simple fact of life sadly.


If you're dropping frames and having general fps issues due to your CPU, video card, or memory being taxed, that's also a reason you'll attack much more slowly.


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