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NcSOFT Please fix this game

Serenity EsDi

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Getting tired.. ever since last wednesday i can't even properly play this game anymore,


First logg-in starts with fck up long loading screen, either it loads or it quits at 90% and it disconnect me


Then i want to play dungeons, i move to the dungeon lobby and enter the loading screen of this dungeon but can't enter the portal at all.  either consume all my running energy and disconnect me when it hits 0%

Or i keep on walking in the portal


When will this be fixed?? i'm runnin every other single game with no doubs but your game is keep buggin and lots of shit bots which we can't ban


Though, whats will be the excuse now? i'm about to refund all the money i putted in the game.. Cause broken game shouldnt have my money


Don't come with repair game or unistal and reinstal already did, even setted the settings to low resolution nothing works the bug will remain..


Come with a final answere and fix it or refund the money,

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