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Hi guys, I'm new to this forum thingy and I apologize if I make mistakes

(I'm in desperate need of silver...gold)


I'm in Yunwa server (idk how to trade from another server pls educate me </3). Before I start on the drawing, I should receive half the payment and send the other half when I'm done.

You can view more of my art here https://www.facebook.com/sabviee



For now, I could only offer sketches but maybe in the future I might open up colored commissions
Sorry I lack BnS drawings Im pretty new to this game

Note: I prefer drawing females


Pm me for further details like poses, costumes and personality (references of close-up and full body) or you can just reply it here, either ways. 


Only one character per sketch (full body) - 8 Gold








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11 hours ago, ShunJ said:

Your drawings are really nice, good luck with the art shop!


11 hours ago, Ceralune said:

This looks beautiful, definitely bookmarking for whenever/if you decide to do colored commissions. c:


best of luck!

thank you guys! I'll update sooner or later if I'd open colored commissions! 

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