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which decoy do you use?


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  • Stage 1 (Left Tree):
    • Tier 3: 5% health shield if nothing hits into Counter and is not interrupted.
    • Tier 4: 2% HP recovery on Counter.
    • Tier 5 (Hongmoon): 2 second resist on Counter.
    • No one cares about the shield or regeneration, but the resist is godsend where bosses have multi-hit attacks that can kick you out of stealth (e.g. Naksun) and is literally the holy grail for PvP.
  • Stage 2 (Middle Tree):
    • Tier 3: All party members EXCEPT YOU get Stealth Protection (iframe any attack and instant stealth on hit) for 1.5 sec resist on cast.
    • Tier 4: All party members EXCEPT YOU heal 5% HP on Stealth Protection.
    • Tier 5 (Hongmoon): All party members EXCEPT YOU get an additional iframe after exiting Stealth Protection.
    • It's basically identical in function to Summoner's Enhanced Seed Shroud, with a 0.5 second longer window and two iframes, but none of the bonuses affect you and it acts like a normal Decoy for you. A huge crutch against bosses like Yeti where you can prevent your whole party from dying, and is later mandatory against Zakan in Ebondrake Citadel where the whole party has to be hidden in stealth or he will never die. However, the downside is that it's triggered as part of your normal Decoy and not a separate skill unlike Summoner or Blade Master, meaning you can't use normal Decoy for self usage without triggering the Stealth Protection part.
  • Stage 3 (Right Tree):
    • Tier 3: 1 second counter window, removes 20% focus from countered target (PvP only).
    • Tier 4: 12 second cooldown, 2 second Daze if enemy hits in into Counter within the first 0.5 seconds.
    • Tier 5 (Hongmoon): 2 second Blind on Counter.
    • This tree is worthless outside of trolling purposes. The drawbacks of lower counter window and increased cooldown are pretty severe, and the Blind lasts too short and is pretty useless if the Daze procs because the target can't even do anything to begin with outside of escaping.
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