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Wardrobe and Storage

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Any non-premium players out there actually running out of inventory space due to costumes? I'm not even a collector, I just store what drops for me. I also periodically get rid/sell things that can be repurchased like costumes that are available at npcs or materials that are available in the market. I've even bought a few dragon pouches with hongmoon coins from venture tokens I was lucky enough to get, but evidently it wasn't enough. Hell, I don't even craft or gather, I can only imagine other people's inventory space. Also heard that wardrobe is free on other regions, is that true?

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I believe so, the wardrobe is free in other regions. I have a Faction Outfit and the one I have on my character. I had a membership for 1 month, and it let me store the costumes in the Wardrobe. I did, and since it's expired I never asked where it all went, I am just glad to see it gone.  I used every single pouch I got from the Daily Dash. But I am constantly running out of space, and to unlock the next tab is like 15 dragon pouches. It is a nightmare.


It's not so much the outfits though, it's a gazillion pieces of gear I will need for future upgrades. It's one weapon and 6 Accessories in many, many flavors.... Yakes.


I am particularly paranoid about deconstructing pieces from places like Beastbog that might not be populated for much longer.

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It's just so odd and counter productive really. Every other game I've played, they had systems to accommodate to new additions. New items/costumes, higher bank limit or new larger bags, etc. It's just odd to me that they keep throwing new costumes, items, materials at people and expect a magical storage system. This is alleviated a bit for premium players but even my premium friends have complaints on storage.

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