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Can't get past the dogs in Chapter 15: Alliance of Convenience Quest :(

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Need help how to get past the dogs in Chapter 15: Alliance of Convenience Quest. :( I'm stuck in that quest for almost 3 days now and starting to get hopeless.


BTW, my character is a Lvl 47 Gon Destroyer with only 300 AP and I am honestly a noob in this online game thingy. 


Do I need to enhance or farm something first before I can finally kill those dogs before they can call out an assassin to kill me?


Any help will be appreciated! ^_^

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9 hours ago, xFragileDreamsx said:

Uh.. Your Ap should be okay. Maybe lure 1 dog out instead of 2 and so fourth. Do you know how to auto cancel your attacks?

I don't know much about deso's unfortunately.


I don't know how to auto cancel my attacks. I'll try to lure out 1 dog at a time now and let you know what happens next. :D Thank you! (hugs)

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The right term is 'ani-cancel' or 'animation cancelling'. Might find more results.
An attack is like in 3 phases.
- Before your attack hit
- The moment it hits, and deals damage
- After the hit
The principle is to alternate between LMB and RMB right after your attack hit, allowing you to cancel the after-hit delay.
Another advantage you get, is that LMB regen some focus.


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5 hours ago, unBeautiful said:


Aww don't give up just yet :( Here in this video you can see how you can aggro only one dog at a time with destro (at 3 min mark). Just simply wait till the walking dog turns it's back to you and start smashing the sleeping one. When the walking aggroes you walk back to lure it away from the other 2, kill it, and wait for the 2nd walking to turn its back and repeat. It probably will take more time to kill them, than in the video, but it should be doable. If not, try to get your weapon to awakened profane, that should be enough, and i don't know about your soulshield, but some Bloodshade Harbour or Blacram Supply Chain soulshield would be good to pump your hp a bit.

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