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Are Any HM skills needed?

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Okay, so i picked up a few HM skills myself for my FM, RMB and fateful tome.

  • RMB, is mainly only good for PVE which gives off a nice little boost
  • Impact, Form 2,3,4 are still only good for PVE, and it just feeds burn build even more. 


I'm currently working on Dragonchar and impact Form 1. also i would like to know if there's a video of impact being used in pvp, i seen dragonchar form 1 used and it looks hilarious, which is why i want to try it. Are they even worth it? And are there any HM skills that we should look forward to that isn't chi bomb or multiple blaze?

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For PVE:


1 - Aura blast is awesome for PVE

LBM - It;s not RBM btw and that skill into T5S2  is awesome for pve.

4 - Thats the most important pve skill but it will come in about 2 months.Sadly.


For PVP only a must skill is the 300 pages thing.

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6 hours ago, Zedonia said:

Do you think dragonchar hm skill is worth it? I doubt it to be honest.

For Asura is good option because of the vines buff.For aoe stuff is amazing too.Not really A MUST have but it's good to have it.

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Wouldn't Stage 5 of Blazing Beam be good for normal, non-aoe situations? Not just for the damage of the number of Dual Dragons you can churn out but the extra focus/embers too, not that focus management is a problem anyway.

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Blazing Beam S5 is an amazing addition to your DPS actually, and will become even better once we get the legendary soulshields (admittedly not for a while).


All of our secret techniques for PvE are welcome additions, I think. Inferno is a DPS increase if you weave the two casts into LBM/RMB and F. Force Blast damage becomes on par with Blazing Beam and refreshing burn is no longer a DPS loss. Blazing Palm damage gets a noticeable increase and then of course there's Blazing Beam.

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