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Stuttering... what to upgrade?

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Im having bad stuttering at infernal moonstone farming and low fps at ebg colossal... need to fix it... suffering now.. lol


My rig..

-i5 4690 3.5ghz to 3.9ghz

-gtx750 ti

-HyperX fury SSD 120gb (read 500 write 480)

-Z87 fatal1ty mobo

-8gb ram.. 

-30mbps internet from malaysia playing tw version.. having 50-90 fps with ping zapper..


Okay... should i chg my ssd to m2 samsung 941 (read 1300 write 900) or this ssd will only help on loading screen and not the stuttering? Or upgrade my card to R9380x... i only have this 2 option... will any option help me with the stuttering?

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