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How much AP do you need for Mushin 3rd form in 8F

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Like title says, how much AP do you need for Mushin 3rd form in 8F as a FM? I can barely take down Junghado in 4min (managed to beat him in 3:40) so I highly doubt I can beat Mushin who has 2x the amount of HP in the same amount of time.

Also is it better to go full DPS burn build or a safer freeze build?

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The first time I beat him was with 397 AP, but that was very close every time. I also had 50% crit rate and 180% crit damage.


I would go with burn build, because freezing him would only work every 10 seconds.


Never get out of his 8m range except on the fire AoE, he will rush you and that does a lot of damage. If he tries to counter, you can either wait it out, or Daze him with Fire Stance [Tab]. I don't know if you can counter him with T3S2 Fire Storm.

For max DpS time on him, I'd save up Short Fuse and only use it once he jumps to the middle of the map to cast the fire AoE.

Once he casts it, stay away from him 16m, press 'C' to cast Short Fuse and attack him. Once the AoE makes its last hit, dodge it either with 'Q' or 'E'. If you couldn't get the Burn debuff fast enough, use the Fire Fury+Dragonblaze combo instead.

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I had 360AP when I cleared Darkness at True Siren with 50% Crit and around 190% crit damage, Level 45 skill points. This was the time when I was poor as hell and couldn't even afford a 25AP Diamond haha. I used full burn build.


But keep in mind that I was constantly hitting enrage at around 5% or below, which is quite frustrating. 7 out of 10 times roughly depending on luck. So I would say that 360AP is bare minimum. My suggestion is don't take more than 3 of his AP buff or you will kill yourself eventually, unless you are a god at evading.


Trick is to maximise the time he is stationary, whether he is in the middle, frozen or doing his abilities where he has to stay still, so you can dps freely. When freezing him though, make sure to not do it consecutively or he will just ignore his frozen status.

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