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Mushin Tower, F12. Help requested.


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49 minutes ago, Kazukage said:

Hi guys,


Anyone know how to beat this floor? I already try google search, but nothing came out. I am officially stumped here, no idea how to beat this floor. Anyone can help?

You mean the snake boss or the defending part? For the defending part just put all the turrets on one side (I use left side) and use aoe skills/dazes/stuns to kill all the minions attacking the glass in the middle.


For the snake.. look up a guide for lair of the frozen fang. It's basically a retexture of the bladescale naga king.

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Put the turrets on one side.
Use AoE CC, and AoE damage skills.
If the thing you have to defend lost too much health, don't take the turret but the other orb to heal it. (Not sure if it fully heal).

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