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Crimson on Poharan...Do you need help?

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I apologize in advance if this message becomes a little side tracked, I am back and forth at my desk and my concentration on this isn't 100% right now.


Hey all, for those of you that don't know me I(Anti Hero) am the clan leader of Grievance we are part of the Crimson Legion(Poharan). The more I look around in LFP the more ridiculous the AP reqs are becoming even for low level dungeons and the less people seem to care about helping you, the community has turned rather toxic and has a me, me, me attitude. So, if you are a member of the Crimson Legion on Poharan, and need help with dungeons, please contact me in game Antí Hero, Annti Hero or Anti Hero and my clan will try to help you the best we can IF we have the time. Please keep in mind we are a small clan, roughly 20 members, and we are no different than you, we all have full time jobs, families and all sorts of other real world obligations. As I stated I have a clan to run and my clan has things that they need to do in game as well, we cannot help all of you at the exact same time or if you are unwilling to allow us to help you. If we do help you, the only thing we would ask is that you have a SUITABLE, not ridiculous, AP for the dungeons you need help with. Example would be someone looking for a Yeti run, I would ask that you have somewhere around 415-420+ AP, not 500+. If you don't know the mechanics to certain fights we will try to educate you as to better your future in the game. This post is becoming long winded now, so the bottom line is if you are a Crimson member on the Poharan server, I want to help you if I can.

My normal, not exact, game times are usually 8pmEST-11:30pmEST M-F and weekends are usually super random lol.

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