GameGuard Kills another Subscription

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NCSoft - your insistence on using this broken program has lost you another customer.  I can't imagine how many hundreds perhaps thousands of players have already left the game because of the shittastic performance of the client, but it isn't the game's or the actual developer of this game's fault.  It's 100% GameGuard - an NCSoft product.


How do I know?  Simple!  Just open Process Explorer (not task manager) and suspend Gamemon.des process.  You'll have a glorious 30 seconds of wonderfully non-buggy, non-laggy, uninhibited performance - and then the heartbeat will shut the game down.


Don't think I'll ever play a GameGuard NCSoft game again if this is the kind of performance killing process I can expect.



I played the game from February until now, and only recently has GameGuard been kicking my game client's ass so hard it developed the tell-tale "stutter" of an abused child.  My processor is not spiking.  My RAM usage is not spiking.  My network connection is not lagging.  The client is responding to a crippling hard-drive sweep performed by non-other than GameGuard, and it causes the game to become unresponsive for as long as 10-15 seconds.  You're basically dead if you stand still for 10-15 seconds in the Arena, so good luck getting this game into any kind of E-Sports (makes me laugh just thinking about how much of a joke that is).


I've done all your steps.  I've even fully re-installed the client.  Nothing solves the problem except for those glorious times when you turn GameGuard off (which happened back in March).


To the players - quit now.  Talk with your wallets.  Stop buying into the cash grabs.  You can make gorgeous looking characters with great outfits in games not poorly optimized by greedy organizations.  Get out before you "invest" so much you can never escape.

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