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pvp and pve characters

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Class balance is constantly being adjusted, so there is no long-term answer to your question. Once you reach end-game, skill re-balancing might have changed. Any class can win against any other class, and all classes can succeed in PvE. Usually it's best to look which class fits your own taste in play style best.

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There is a very good thread in General going right now that's called Question:classes roles. It has a few in depth responses to your question comparing 8 classes.


you have to realize though that BnS is heavily gear and hm skill unlocks dependent (even in arena), so a pure class performs much worse than one with the end game gear, soul and hm books.


overall, Assassin is a higher skill class that in the hands of a great player is awesome in arenas and does well in PvE. I think one of its brunches needs hm books though to be successful.


the best class overall seems to be the Force Master, unrivalled in PvE and really good in Arenas.


Summoner is great in PvE, but becoming less powerful in arenas compared to other classes.


wl is the worst arena class.


all other classes are highly variable in performance and opinions vary. Again, I recommend checking out that thread in general.

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I believe the Destroyer/Summoner OP'ness was true a couple of month ago, when the top level was 45/HM5. We are now about to head into level 50/HM15, so it is changing a great deal.  Again, this game is heavily dependent on the HM levels and books.


I highly recommend that you check out this thread:



and maybe try asking there. It is quite important in BnS to pick your class, because it is hard to develop a  character and the alts are not supported.

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17 hours ago, HisNoodliness said:

I'm new to this game and before playing I really want to know which class(es) are/is the best in pvp ( and pls also tell me how good they are in pve (1-10))



Dont listen who say... choose what you want cos they are going to be balance, for what i saw, and i played for the start of EU release (99% i had done pvp all time), here what i think.


The most powerfull class of this game depends on your level of of skill here the list:

If you have low level skill: (not the most easy class but the most power with low level skill)


1.Summoner > prob the most op class of game from the start, is very easy to play but a lot boring, most of the time you are spam the same attack.

2.Blade dancer> have the most long immunity of the game and most of the time they press TAB for spin(gives you immunity to CC!) around waiting their CD

3.Destroyer> much harder of the blade dancer but have more tools, and prob more fun


IF you have Medium level skill:

1.Assassin > they have the most insane tools of the game and in a medium skilled player you can kill easy most of the class! infite stealth rulez

2.Summoner > more skilled you are and op this class goes XD

3. Blade master > need for sure more skill of the class listed before but if you learn the tricks they are insane! (from 100 to 0 in one stunlock)


IF you have high skill level:

1.Blade master

2.Force master > i had seen really a few people play this class with high dmg combo, cos i think require a lot of skills but if had it i think this and blade master are the top class!




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