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Account banned why ?


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Hello, I need help for know if there is a chance to revoer my account, i was blocked but i was not using anything or hack bots third-party programs or altering the client. pls help me whit this, I want my case well revied, and if posible talk whit a staff team, i have not done anything wrong for get perma block.
My acc : andrs_6969@hotmail.com

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9 minutes ago, Amraith said:

Hello Kuro69,


It's possible you have been incorrectly flagged, if you submit a ticket to Customer Support they can review the reason why you were banned.


Sorry for any inconvenience.


Team Blade & Soul.

I send tikets but they respond the same all time
" We have reviewed the above action and found it and the associated penalty to be consistent with our policies. We ask that you review our terms and rules of conduct, which are available here: http://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/user-agreements/. This action against the account will not be removed and the penalty will stand. "

pls if ur are a gm or suport team or something help i dont belive it, why i get block, and bots hackers and spamers are all time in the game whit so many reports, i rlly want recover my account :c tell me whats the wrong pls.

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