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Combat lag


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Hi there,


only since yesterday have I started to get combat lag. Everything else works fine, its just as soon as I enter combat it can take up to 3 seconds to even load a skill. I have not had this issue yesterday, or all the days before.

I looked up possible fixes but they dont apply to my PC. 

(fyi: Internet speed is fine, upload/download speed and latency is all great)


does anyone know: Why? A solution? 


Any help would be appreciated.

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Got the same since yesterday evening I started having laggs/DC. Today I played few hours and again massive combat lagg.

And I never had this problem before too. 

Used repair files and restarted PC but nothing helps.

I wonder if more people got this problem in the last few days.

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I found that the combat lag will stop after extended playtime. Today I reset my computer, game client, internet, etc. Nothing is working. So i found the launcher files and deleted all of them. Then I went to control panel and uninstalled the game completely. I am now downloading the game again. Ill post again when the download is finished and I can test if this fixes it. 

Combat Lag Description: Pressing skills and nothing will cast for a period of time. Then the last skill I press will randomly cast when lag has ended. While fighting other players or NPC they will have no lag issues and will attack me while I am unable to cast any skills. I can run around and jump like normal while the lag is in effect. The combat lag can be compared to taking off your weapon and trying to cast skills. Example "click skill" = "nothing happens" but you can see that the key is being pressed by the skill lighting up on your UI.



Everything is working like it should :)

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