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  • Unequalized, don't bother queuing unless you have at least 500AP. So that rules out about 99% of the player base
  • No kick ability. Yeah if you end up with a piece of shit who afk's in this for some reason, tough luck
  • Can't leave party, stuck in a party with half of them being afk? Or a lost cause because opponent has 5x more points than you? Tough luck, gotta bear it for 15min, unless you shut down client


Wtf were the devs smoking when they came up with this? No wonder queues for this ridiculous mode is 10x as long as queues for anything else in the game. Probably just 20 P2W players from each server even bother hanging around there.

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"Rules out about 99% of the player base." Must be high you are.


Kick ability while capable of expelling afk players, it can too, expel player with low AP.

Which is also the reason why kick function isn't introduce to PvE cross dungeon server.


On 5/15/2016 at 0:02 PM, Melodia said:

On the other hand, as a FM, duels against Blade Master/Kungfu Master/Destroyer are a joke. I literally can win against any of these classes with my eyes closed (never lost against a single one). I'm not even a good PvP player. I literally just spam buttons against these 3 classes and still win. I feel bad for the players playing these classes. I mean as a bad PvP player, yet I still win against them 100% of the time, shows you how little class balance there is in "equalized PvP" in this game.

If you can win against some classes with your eye closed, I believe you can create miracle in 6v6 too. :'> 

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99% of the players should have 500 AP by now. I've started a second character after warlock patch, play like 2h/day and have 500+ AP. 

BG (battleground) looks exactly like how open world PVP should look like instead of a PVE frenzy. 

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Honestly they need to normalize it or add other ways to get battle points. At the moment if it's not a daily the que time is unworldly, if it is a daily people just afk through it. If it's a one victory daily there might be a change to get one or two hundred points.

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What I don't understand is why lower AP players don't just use LFP.  With LFP, you'll always have a 50/50 chance of having the stronger party (since you won't match preforms).  Also, most people will have more similar APs to your own for more fun.

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idk how lfp works , may be u can find a pretty comon enemy

but nobody want low ap, low geared player in hight end contest.

WHAT THE HELL u expected, u want to go pvp in no equal rights :)
ofk gear rocks! 


and u said 500 ap is like... something that u cant realize.

i got 3 charster 550 ap 500 ap and 480 ap...

so i can said ez.
stop you're crying and get to farm, make a friends/guild.
do a farm, gear up!

there is lot of events!
well i did upgrade from true pirate to true breze in 5 or 6 days.  (not fast but..)

if i have from start event like this... 

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