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Isleysharem ~ RP ~ Mature(18+) ~ (Blue)

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Ladies and Ladies (jk i got u gents) I have a dream.. to have a harem for days. Harems.. my friends, are not found. They are made, which is why IsleysHarem is recruiting ~

  • mature clan(18+)
  • Jiwan
  • rp/erp
  • active and social


There are no level or gear requirements as long as your willing to offer your sou- bo-bod i mean time to the harem.  We do have a focus on endgame PvE for those who want static farming groups so holla yours truly~ isleysilver.Leave a post here and  If i'm not on or available, a simple friend request or mail will suffice and ill get back to you :P

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Game Name: Bahlee (Main)

Server: Zulia   

Class: GunSlinger

Character info: https://bnstree.com/character/na/Bahkee

Element: Fire

Discord : YES.  MIC: YES

Available Time: All day Sat and Sun

Can join clan if need be.

Willing to move to yura Server if need be.

Looking for VT and BT static. More so VT than BT

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