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Wild Springs Tournament


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Hi all pvpers and gold farmers and casuals and whatever you are!

I have the pleasure to announce that the Pewpewpew guild tournament is going server wide this week!
At the time of writing this we have already gotten 400 gold, 400 soulstones and 20 frozen stingers in donations for this weeks tournament. 

The entrance fee is 5g and can be paid to LeeteX in game, either through trade or mail.

We have 3 brackets so that gold, silvers and even bronze players might win some stuff.
All brackets are sorted by the achievement, so when registering, I will ask you to link me your 1v1 achievement so I can place you in either the dia, plat or gold (and lower) bracket.

I understand that this might sound fishy, or like a scam or something, so if you don't think I'm telling the truth, then please visit https://www.twitch.tv/makesucry and see the streams of the previous finals. 

you can also check out bit.do/pew-tourney for more info and annoucements for brackets and prices.

contact info:
- leetexpewpew@gmail.com

- in game: LeeteX

FB site: https://www.facebook.com/pewtourney/timeline

Discord server:  http://bit.do/pew-tourney  (all info and questions can be seen here)

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