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[CRASH] bsengine_Shipping.dll


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Here the Windows 7 report :


Nom de l’application défaillante Client.exe, version :, horodatage : 0x57285093
Nom du module défaillant : bsengine_Shipping.dll, version :, horodatage : 0x57183abb
Code d’exception : 0xc0000005
Décalage d’erreur : 0x010da062
ID du processus défaillant : 0x11d0
Heure de début de l’application défaillante : 0x01d1ae8df5055480
Chemin d’accès de l’application défaillante : H:\Jeux\Blade and Soul\BnS\bin\Client.exe
Chemin d’accès du module défaillant: H:\Jeux\Blade and Soul\BnS\bin\bsengine_Shipping.dll
ID de rapport : c962f9c1-1a89-11e6-92a3-94de80afe89e

My computer spec : 


  Operating System: Windows 7 Professionnel 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_ldr.160408-2045)
 Language: French (Regional Setting: French)
System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
 System Model: To be filled by O.E.M.
BIOS: BIOS Date: 01/06/14 11:42:42 Ver: 04.06.05
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.8GHz
 Memory: 16384MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 16340MB RAM
 Page File: 8631MB used, 24045MB available
 Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
 System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
DxDiag Version: 6.01.7601.17514 32bit Unicode

Card name: AMD Radeon R9 290X Series
Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Chip type: AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x67B0)
DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67B0&SUBSYS_E285174B&REV_00
Display Memory: 4095 MB
Dedicated Memory: 3072 MB
Shared Memory: 1023 MB

It's happen randomly.


There he is someone who has a solution to fix it?

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