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Tag vs 1 Force Master autoatack 1400-1800 not crit


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Just meet on tag arena Force Master Hm9 dealing 1400-1800 damage ONLY using autoattack, shoot 3-4 in a second. Destroy full party for 20 second.

It not 45, or hm2, or some other, this is *cricket*ING 9 HM!! IT mean he play a LOT!!!!! in this shit game. And not was banned.

I swear my life he is cheater. And shit NCSoft not ban him. So why I not start using cheats? If this shit company not ban monthes cheaters... *cricket* imbecils in NCSOFT.

PS: and in video damage was one and combat logs very different. So I see only 1400+, my combat logs showed only 300-350. I summed - in my combat log - I was die after 21432 damage done to me.... HATE YOU NCSOFT!

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