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Destroyer is useful!


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So many people ive seen so far argue about destroyer

here's the pros I always see on this class:


- best CC, for sure, they can spam grab and stun at any opponent even at huge bosses

- PvP fury / persistence are either something that can kill you in seconds / save your life even being stunned without tab

- Soaring strike, a skill that many new destroyers at first don't understand, a really good skill that should be improved to at least tier 2. While you use it youre inmmune to any kind of attack (except things like black wyrm's roar) and if something hits you while using it, if you upgrade it will heal you, plus if you receive a hit it activates another skill that if you improve it, will hit an enemy a bit hard, and launch to to the air, super useful in pvp


- One of the most challeangeable classes, many classes have different tipes of dashes, we sadly only have back dash, spin path 2 tier 2+ for defense in pve, and soaring strike, so we lack of defense sometimes but showing we can without that it's something that requires high skill (and if crowded, good ping)



Overall so far I love destroyer been playing this char since opening of the game and well.. id say id be maining always destroyer and for stuff like SSP id be using a FM

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