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So, this is how PvP is.

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Arena in a nutshell:


Blade dancer:

resist resist resist resist, airborne, you dead


Kung fu Master

Resist counter resist counter resist counter, stun,stun,stun,stun, you dead.



resist resist resist resist, cat stun BOOM BOOM BOOM, you dead.



whirl resist whirl resist whirl resist, BASH BASH BASH you dead.



i can't see anybody but i just died, what ever.



stop freezing yourself, we aint got all day for this.



come on dude? who do you want to tickle with that toothpick.



he summoned something, well i guess, i just wait here and kill him when its gone.


The game:

oh i see you played 10 games, how about you paly with 20 FPS now for an extra challenge?



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well i will have to agree

i think the resist ability is totally useless for pvp experience

i have no idea what they thought about when they implemented resist

i agree with resist on iframe

but just standing somewhere and resisting

i mean where is the skill in that

it makes the game unenjoyable and the matches uselessly long


why stand somewhere and resist?

i dont know i started this game only because i wanted to pvp and now this resist thing makes me quit again

i really dont get those abilities and what they bring to the game. in pve probably acceptable but in pvp? not skilled at all. press 1 button and resist so you can get your cds back... its like 1 minute kiting back when world of warcraft got really bad

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16 minutes ago, Windy said:

Please add resist on resist plus more resist on my actual resist to resist more of resists of other classes resists.

How much resists could a resist resist if a resist could resist resist?

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  • AFK if you're paired with a summoner or warlock because a noob can likely beat you with their eyes closed
  • AFK second round if you're paired with a player who plays 16 hours a day because they can destroy you before you even move 2 inches away from starting position, thanks to the retarded matching system that matches you with ANY random player regardless of any criteria
  • Just spam buttons if you're ranged and paired with a destroyer
  • AFK if you're paired with a BM/Assassin and get hit once. They easily pull off 100% perma-stun which leaves you unable to do anything whatsoever other than watch your HP go down to 0 in about 10 seconds


Replace any "AFK" in the above with "shut down client" if necessary because there's no "forfeit because this is bullshit" button.


This game's PvP has about as much balance as Street Fighter IV if all damage increased to 200%, stun duration increase 10x, stun threshold decreased 10x, and everyone was blindfolded.

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Spend extra hours on Arena today.

Finally hit gold and then got pushed back to 1580s range, exactly according to what OP said, especially on Assassin part.

I'm tired of chasing their hit and run bullshit.

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