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Transmute Bugged?

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Hey I wanted to make Outfit Pouch anyway I bought 4x Fabric and 5x Soulstone then I press craft button and heres the surprise, I saw on the system chat ''Successfully transmuted to Fabric'' what is that means? I have lost 4x Fabric and 5x Soulstone instead of Outfit Pouch I gained only 1 Fabric lol? I just don't understand I thought when we transmute items at above doesn't dissappear. Just wanted to get Ascending Cloud Uniform. I have tryed 3 times and got same result rip 50 gold. Now tell me please, is this a fraud or system works like that? Without inform players and let them lose fabrics? Do we have to pay ncoin to whatever we need to get? I don't know if they are forcing us to invest money to game but if it's a bug please give me back those fabrics I lose..



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