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Absence of character idle expression


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This has been an ongoing issue for months, but I don't believe it was posted in this part of the forums.

Since a content patch back in February, the majority of idle expression animations have disappeared from our characters, making them seem stone-faced and lifeless. This includes blinking and moving eyes, occasional smiles, and general facial muscle movement - all gone.
After continuous tickets sent to support from many members on the forums, we have only been told that the issue was being investigated. Months later, this bug has yet to be fixed and also has yet to be added to the "Known issues" list. So as far as we know, this issue is being ignored.

It is very upsetting and unnerving to see our characters so lifeless, especially after originally seeing them so full of life. Blade & Soul HAD such amazing and detailed character animations. What happened??

Please see the quoted video post below showing the Lyn idle expressions before and after the update:

On 3/29/2016 at 2:03 PM, Yoitsu said:

I have Optimize for combat deactivated and all the Advanced Setting set to quality 5 and Anti-aliasing to FXAA to 4.


See the difference yourself with before:




And after the patch:



Idle emotes are clearly gone :(


This is a great disappointment to me, especially as those emotes really made the difference when looking at your character. Now there are as lifeless as in Black Desert...


Edit: And by the way, the same applies to cats :s


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