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Warlock skilltree i need help


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On 13.5.2016 at 10:35 PM, Keduy said:

what should i uprage on skilltree i just started blade and soul hitted 20lvl im not sure what to uprage

there is not much you can pick, i'd say go for Dimensional volley and Rupture for leveling, you will never run out of focus and kann kill everything is a few seconds.


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I did RMB/Rupture to start with.


I would also suggest putting points in your defense/healback abilities once you get into high 30'ies. C, Z and Leech (F). Before I did that I felt far too squishy and too reliant on the Thrall's uptime.


I am also leveling with Dragon Helix build (on level 40 atm), and like it more than the Dragon Call, but that's me, I enjoy running around spamming abilities, so I suggest you try both to see which build works better for you.

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