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For the hm emberstomp, anyone else getting stunned in it? i have it where i can't be stun in it but at times i can get stunned while i'm in it...


I got stunned after a kfm knocked me up and then stunned me as i was getting up

Another instance was in my bm matchup, don't remember but I got stunned while my hm emberstomp was up


Also, sometimes i cannot emberstomp after grabbing an oppenent nor throw them down with my Z ability, i just get a message saying something is preventing me from using that ability when clearly nothing is preventing me from doing it...


Playing dest is stressfully buggy :(

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Its because of the way emberstomp immunity is applied as a buff, if you are airborned the buff expires and you are not immune until it ticks again. If you get stunned/dazed/KD before the buff is applied again after you land you will be stuck in the CC until it wears off, so a clever opponent will CC you then use something that extends that CCs duration.

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