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LMB and RMB not responsive


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Hey there!! I'm a big fan of the game and never had any technical problems with it, so kudos to you!
I've been looking this problem up for quite a while now because this is the second time I'm experiencing this, so while I'm pretty sure I haven't seen the issue anywhere else I'm sorry in case I just never found anything...

But right now my Warlock won't cast the LMB and RMB skills while moving, which is a pretty essential thing for the class I believe? And it's ultimately dooming me in quite a few situations as you might imagine.

I've already had this issue a few weeks back, trying to solve it by re-skilling and re-starting and re-installing to the point where I believed that it was intended to make the class weaker (I've seen plenty of people complain about that) but it was fixed with the next update already... but since I updated today it's back.

I also heard from some friends who are playing the same class that they do not get the same bug.

I hope there's a solution to this!!

Best wishes! <:

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