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For 6v6 and open world -- SMN or SIN?

Kanade Sakuraba

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Hi all,

Trying to decide between these two classes with the aim of eventually doing 6v6 and some 'open world' pvp.  My main is WL HM5, but I wanted a class that can easily solo dungeons and also is decent in PvP [for Whirlwind].  Anyone with experience with either of these classes in Whirlwind Valley or with an opinion on which would be more optimal to play/useful to the team in 6's?  I enjoy both classes equally.  I also know that assassin has a higher learning curve as far as PvP [not counting those that PvE people in arena] while SMN is a bit more forgiving.  Thanks for any advice!

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hm whats you;re problem , there is a lot of dungeons taht wl can do solo, wl are pretty good at pvp in open world , it can give a lot of damage. 

especially if enemy are close to each other.

and also , u can do solo high end dungeons if not over geared(now). and in future will be dungeons that u never do solo , just becouse game is mmo.

Wl will never have problems with party ^^

and if u want something new, then deffinetly try a sin or other melee, then u will understand the comfort of range xD

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