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No Vipercap rewards


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This never happened to me before.


Today I started up the game 90 minutes before the daily quest reset timer, tried to play just 1 more Whirlwind Valley match and even though there were other people in chat who wanted to get in too, I spent over 26 minutes in queue but the matchmaking tool did not favor us, so I lost my chance at the daily challenge rewards.

(Looks like this battleground is quite unpopular, except for when people do the daily quests, so I'd recommend replacing these quests from the daily challange roster for something else.)


Without exiting the dungeon finder lobby, I queued up for a Frozen Vipercap Cavern dungeon, found a party within seconds, we cleared it, but for some reason I received no rewards after I completed both quests while I was inside the instance. I did get the 5000 XP for both quests, but no chests or Cavern Fungus. Strange.

This was my first attempt ever and still more than 30 minutes before the daily resets.


I went back to the dungeon lobby and tried to find a party fast for Yeti, 2 people joined in, one of them left and the other was in "Waiting" status for a long time, so I left that group, started the LFP tool again and I was in queue for over 5 minutes.

I tried to cancel the LFP or just leave the dungeon finder lobby, but none of the options were possible to be chosen.

The only thing I could click on was to quit the game.

Immediately I tried to log back in, but was greeted by a "Disconnected from server" error after typing in my PIN. Tried this 2 more times, but the results were the same so I gave up.

Altogether I wasted 90 minutes for absolutely nothing.


I logged back in now at 2 pm server time, but the Vipercap rewards were still not in my inventory, I ran the dungeon again and now I have properly recieved the quest rewards, so I have no idea what went wrong in the morning.

Also I found myself in Bamboo Village while I was at Mushin's Tower before.

So what was this or should players not play an hour before the daily reset timers?


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