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Searing Palm

Rinjha CooL

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~ can i ask guys.. when i play PvE then i cast this skill Z + 2X + V then Start the 3RF i just notice my searing Palm is gone while 5sec still remain on count..

i mean The searing palm skill Tree with knockdown (The right one not the left) when i cast them i only gets 5sec then after 5ec its gone though it should be 10sec before its gone right?

~ just asking is this normal for PvE? (not try in PVP atm). any idea or DO's and DONT while the searing palm is cast? 

~ sorry does my english is BAD? 

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yes it is normal because of the stun effect that removes the debuff:

"Stuns an enemy affected by Quivering palm for 2 seconds after 8 hits, removing Quivering palm"


Edit: keep in mind that the debuff on your trarget will be removed after 8 hits but you will keep the critical hit buff for 10 secs

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