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Blade & Soul: Anti-social community

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On 11.5.2016 at 0:57 AM, Shadzar said:

It is probably a lot more social and friendly when you have the voice chat that was removed in NA/EU version of the game. Might have only been something that worked for a party, but it probably made dungeons and stuff a lot easier.

oh we8 a second they removed it omg why.  oh yeah meaby it's too laagy nvm XD

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It's no secret. In a populated place like Mushin's Tower, you could stand around 50+ other players and non of them will say a word, as they stand there doing their cycled idling poses, almost as if th

I've accepted that no one communicates in MMORPG's nowadays. Seeing as I've been playing them since EQ it's odd, but whatevs, I can adapt. No what bothers me, is the sheer amount of douchebaggery that

Everyone is a bot, enough said.

But please, say more than "hi". Whispering to someone is like phoning them. Imagine the phone rings at home, you answer it, and a strange voice says "hi" and no more. You want to know what it's about!

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On ‎2016‎. ‎05‎. ‎11‎. at 9:39 PM, Tupac Shakur said:

It's no secret. In a populated place like Mushin's Tower, you could stand around 50+ other players and non of them will say a word, as they stand there doing their cycled idling poses, almost as if their characters are all looking away from each other, quietly existing in the pixellated void. 


I did a social experiment for a week. Every few hours a day. I'd go around populated areas in-game, like Mushin's Tower, and randomly whisper players with a simple "Hi" or "Your outfit is awesome!" and I have to say, over 90% of them wouldn't reply and those who did reply, said a simple "hi" back and that was it. Those who replied to the compliment would say "ty" and that was it.   


So my next one was saying random things in /say, like.. "What's up people?!" just to see who reacted, and this was near the vault in Mushin's Tower around 20+ players and not one of them responded, in fact, most of them ran away xD 


Other than players being so busy in cross-server, where whispers are forbidden (how pathetic) or they're AFK, or just simply anti-social for whatever reason, whatever - everyone has their reasons but;

I don't care if they're talking in clan chat.

I don't care if they're AFK.

I don't care if they're taking in faction chat.


Out of every big online game that I've played over the decade, non has been more anti-social than this.


That is all.


On Jiwan we have a close knit community of role playing guilds that greet and chat when we meet up. It's still sad how little the game does in the way of helping people get together. I've said it in another post, most of the communication is on faction chat and it's usually on the intellect-level of "u suk." "no u suk" "ur mum" "no u"

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Greenhollow seems alright-ish, although it's mostly the same group of people talking in Crimson faction chat. Region chat seems kinda obsolete in comparison. With my other account, I'm on Heavenly Gate(?) and the chat(s) are mostly dead, outside of a few event phase calls in Faction.

But to be honest, I'm pretty much a shut-in myself who doesn't talk actively, other than a few comments should something funny/interesting have been said. Yet it's huuuge contrast to the time I played WoW, SWToR or Rift. Even in GW2's starter zones were at times more chat activity where I paused for a while to read and write.

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IT isn't jsut region chat, you go into a dungeon for the first time and you ask if there is anything you need to know everyone yells at you to go watch a youtube video.


If it takes a damn youtube video to explain how a dungeon works, then something is WAY off with the design of the game. The poor explanations and tutorials as it is. When you leave Heaven's Reach you shouldn't land in the water to be found by Dochump, you should land in the arena penniless and alone, to really show what this game is about. Being alone and screwed over. Maybe if you are lucky and when you reach level 40 (I think that is the level it takes to use F9), you can continue the story.


And if you take a moment to think about being Social, why isn't there a 3v3 team as it is? I have seen solo payers in PVP Arena all over Twitch and Youtube is mostly PVE videos. I rarely see any Teams like LoL has SJG and such for 3v3 Arena MAtches in BnS.


or is Tag not a viable tournament option for some Worlds or whatever? Because the right team should be able to work together and play together and know how to do thing to where they are on top all the time.


Right, sorry, anti-social game that tries to make everything social by join this group or that group, this faction, that clan, this guild, that crafting.... it is all about me me me so 1v1 is all that matters. The only stable 3v3 teams are those of bots, AFKers, or derankers


Hell you would think 6v6 would have more of a yournament presence because you have 6 member teams, maybe 8 with 2 subs that could have double elim or such in ye old fashion tournaments, but nope. again all about solo and me me me.


The more I look and more I think about this game, I cannot make heads nor tells what the makers were thinking. Sadly this time is given to me to think about it because people have to take a break from the senseless grind as they can't progress and need to step away from the monotony. Each passing day, Farmville looks a more friendly game to me than BnS. That is player friendly, user frinedly, and everything friendly.

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There are 5 main types of conversations on Wild Springs crimson chat:


1: 'Hello i like Bns It's best game i think / i want find a girlfriend in game' followed by GGSblabla and gold selling sites

2. konta ch?

3. baylee ch?

4. lol shut your mouth with your Baleful stage 3 you goldbuying scrub

5. if u have 3 perf heptagonal gems doensn't mean you know your sh*t about the game noob


also, if someone says 'hi', i will answer with 'hey' and it is the end for me if the one who started wont continue.

and in dungs, im using words hi, sorry, thanks, see ya, bye. And even these few words makes me the most talktive guy in the party most times. But who cares? What else to expect from a pug party? Talking about weather and family or...?

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