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Bugged end season rewards


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So I had around 2070 - 2080 rating when the season ended, that would be around rank 10 - rank 15 class rank ( FM ). I did play yesterday, tried to get into top5 but just ended up losing more because mostly just counters where queuing. My end season reward screen looks like this http://prntscr.com/b2urdz.

Claim reward does nothing. I've never shared my account, cheated, wintraded or used macros so I doubt it means Im disqualified. So just bugged? Any1 else with this?

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yeah same problem here, i get weird numbers when i open the reward interface:


score 9999999 (looks like an interger overflow or something :p)... the game can't handle my score and the awsomeness of my char

Class ranking 2345 (in fact i was around 150 yesterday)


and yes i want my soulstones... NOW :D

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Probably has to have the date changed in the NA/EU version of the game for ALL the Arena seasons because those were the other region dates, and the game isnt awarding things that have already expired.


So it probably wont be until 1 or 2 weeks before it is fixed since the game has to be updated in Korea, servers patched and game patched for all to get those rewards.

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I sent a ticket about this yesterday, here's the answer I got.


Hello there,

Currently, this is a known issue and that we are looking into a resolution for the arena rewards.

Unfortunately, we do not have a firm date as to when this will be addressed. Please keep an eye on our Website, Official Forums, and Social Media pages for updates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.



GM Certexelle
NCSOFT Support Team


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Hello everyone, 


Please read the below comment regarding the issue in a thread found in the Bug Reports forum: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/210083-i-cant-claim-previous-season-reward-for-being-top-300

Just now, Rukkirii said:


The dev team has addressed the issue and players will be able to claim their rewards once the servers are restarted during next week's maintenance.   

We apologize for the delay and appreciate all of your reports on this matter.


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