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Female gamers (survey)

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I might be in the wrong place, since it's not a game issue, but there's not Off topic, so here i stay ^^


Hy there, guys and girls ^^ I'm a college student and for a school project i'm doing a quick research on females in online games and their playing habits. It's a common topic if females are "weaker" in games and can't perform as well as males, Some tournament already banned females from participating, which is sad. Here's the chance to show that we, girls have place in games :P


To do so i would like to ask you to fill this survey. It's mainly for girls, but the 1-3 questions are for everyone. Those are for determining the % of females and the owerall view on them.


Thanks, everyone ^^

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Not female, so wont take your survey, but how about this theory, well fact. Females might just get different things out of games. Actually different people get different things out of games.


Does a female do better in oWoD, Pathfinder, D&D, Traveller?


I don't think females are "weaker" in games, just males are dominant in those super competitive games that are shonen focused, while females gravitate to other genres and don't even care to try. I can't recall a girl ever wanting to play Soul Caliber on PS when there was a game night, but they would be all over things like Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, XenoGears....


"Competitiveness" is mostly found gearing those with higher testosterone levels towards games that focus on being the best. Thus why many of such are phallic waving contests rather than mammary waving contests.


Good luck with your project and remember, Females have quicker response times and higher acuity on average than males, so maybe they just let the guys win?, so the guys don't feel threatened by a strong female. Welcome to the 1950s, it never ended.

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I'm a guy, answered questions 1 - 3.

I don't want to sound mean, but the survey doesn't really have clear answers.


I would've formulated them a bit different, more like a scale:


How many female players do you think they are?

- none

- never saw any

- they are a few

- they are in a moderate amount

- there's many of them

- everything I play is full of females !

- etc.


...and then a different one for "Do you like female players?" then one for professional gaming etc.


Also, I agree with what Shadzar said.

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The mentality of gamer males is incredibly stubborn quite often. I still get a lot of "you are lying" and "girls don't exist" if I ever say that I am a female gamer and that I am not a gamer because I don't like first person shooter games or I don't like CoD or CS. Why is it so hard for some guys to believe girls exists in games and can be even better than some guys?


But I did the survey.

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1 hour ago, Shadzar said:


First of all, thank you for your reply ^^ And yes, i agree with you, that females has different interests and "skills" to work with, and this project isn't meant to be a feministic " mammary waving contests ", i just want to understand these differences better ^^  I want to look through some common myths and find out if there are any truth behind them, and if yes, why. And don't forget the minority who would want to compete in shounen themed games (like any shooter, or MOBA), but can't because the rejection.


I can't deny that there is some kind of unspoken truth about that girls aren't welcomed in the gaming world. Once in a different game i ended up in a heated conversation about how gamer girls are only a myth and anyone who claims to be one are just wants attention or simply a perv XD And that girls are "alllowed" to play only games like Hello Kitty Online, because they should go back to the kitchen. Yes, it's an extremist example, but it's present. From tournaments preventing females from entering, through kicking players from a party, because she's "just a girl", to professional teams failing because sponsors don't want to support girls (no matter if they are just as good as any male group), it's there. Being a girl in competitive games is much harder for the "brave minority", than being a guy, so they don't even try. This is something similar as female drivers. Driving a car (or even a truck) is considered a macho thing and as such, associated with males, so seeing females there is out of the ordinary.


As you yourself said females have different capabilities, like they can watch out for multiple things at the same time and able to making quick decisions, while males are better with strategy and focusing on single goals at a time. Both gender play different, and none of them should be better than the other, but because the competitive genre is targetting males mainly, the female gamestyle became "wrong", because it doesn't fit into the male one.


1 hour ago, Brainy said:


Thanks for your answer ^^ English isn't my native language, so i had a bit trouble with making the surcey, and already too many of you filled it to be changed, but i apreciate the advice, and will watch out next time ^^

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