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GameGuard - Game unplayable


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Been playing BnS since February in NA.  Never had a problem.  No setup changes have been made to my PC since playing.  Nothing new has been installed, and I have all the same programs running in the background.  Since the most recent update to GameGuard, the game has become unplayable.  I have 32-40ms, 60FPS but the game hangs and sits there unresponsive for as long as 10 seconds at a time.


I will see the UI continuously update showing me new debuffs, timer updates, and status effects, but my character and the world are frozen in place.  I cannot move, I cannot get abilities to respond, and I definitely cannot defend myself in combat.


I've gone through the motions of disabling every non-microsoft service.  I've checked my task manager for any processes that might be triggering GameGuard.  I have no anti-virus running.  I have disabled windows firewall completely.  I'm not running the game through a router (directly connected into the cable modem).


The only thing that fixes this game is suspending the GameMon.des process in the task manager, but this also has the side-effect of causing my client to close after ~30 seconds.  Suspending this single task that is running 100% fixes the game.


Please patch the GameGuard or disable it again as it is completely ruining player experiences.  I am only 1 voice of many hundreds if not thousands that have experienced massive performance problems because of this anti-cheat software that apparently does not prevent any cheats.


If the program is not fixed, I will no longer be a customer of this - or any NCSoft game - that employs this software as it is clearly not working and ruins your games.

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