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Blood "Combat Position"


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I play with Destroyer lvl 50 HM7 .
Since the update who bring to us the lvl 50 i am having few problems with the char .
1) Combat Position ! The char persist in keep the combat position and this cause several problems in Dg in keep the rhythm of the PT . This position don´t aloud to use Wall Dash ; Air Dash , Wind Walk, Sprint , Jumper etc . Observing the game i identify who If drop some Blue Jewell from any mob in area range ( Not only this of course ) ,where the char is, occurs the problem . the only way to remove the combat position is Take the Jewell , relog or dying to stay in DG . 
2)In BloodShade harbor inter-server is impossible to play. There is a strong rubber band effect . The char stay completely Asynchronous with the server time of 3-4 seconds ( just repeating the same action before ) . And this occurs just here . Just in this Instance .
3)Destroyer just don´t stay keep on your foots . They receive Down , knockdown in absurd quantity . Of course this can occurs because of my jewels Awakened Siren , yes i am late with this upgrades :() (Grind lvl 45 to 50 only with history quests broke me ). So i am relieving . 
4)After Sprint we must jump to obtain higher and then activate Windwalk in several DG´s. To Destroyer this jump just isn´t higher enough . There is a HUGH difference between Destroyer jumping and any other class . Yes i have finished all quests to obtain this skill´s . This difference in higher jump turn so much difficult to complete Naryu labyrinth by exemple . And impossibilite to Awakened Metropolis .
5)During WindWalk , several times the char just assume again the blood Combat Position . Of course this cause Down :() If u are with all attention in char u can reactivate Windwalk BUT the Higher is completely Detonated - Naryu is a classical example . Die and try again . :(

All this things are just turning the endgame completely annoying and frustrating . We ( Destroyers ) receive in PT chatt several insultes , Offenses and etc . Because is take so much time in dg or because die a lot and we have to do this to brake the Blood "combate position" .

So I ask: this occur just with my char ? Someone has any tip to solve this ?

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First of all, you should ask someone to translate that in English because right now it seems like you used Google Translate.


So, here is my feedback on your points:


1. This is a problem every character has, it's not limited to Destroyer. The game just bugs out and you stay in combat. Use the "escape" function from your menu.

2. Again, this is not a Destroyer problem. It's well knows they have server issues with dungeon matching for some people.

3. Everyone gets knocked down the same if they don't use a skill to resist it. In your case, you get knocked down because your spin doesn't make you immune to it. Gear has nothing to do with it.

4. I have no idea what you mean. Everyone jumps the same, it's not based on class.

5. I don't really understand this, but if you mean you fall off the ledges in Naryu Labyrinth, it means you're trying to jump too late. There's a weird glitch when doing that.


So, the conclusion is, there might be a weird lag issue on your end that causes you to desync. It won't matter if you change class, you'll end up with the same problem.



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Thks Brainy by your explanations .

Yes, really i have difficult with this language . Sorry, and another thanks by yours efforts .


1. To destroyer this is really absurd . In any Dg 70-75% of all time inside u stay in combat position (stucked , and stucked u can only WALK ). This i try to figure out: is only my Destroyer or all Destroyers?

2. may be this instance be hosted by sub-server with some different configuration in network because is just here the problem . 

3.tks . 

4)tks I will observe better the time to jump .

5) When using WindWalk , your are flying (right?) , Destroyer assume Combat Position  . Without mob´s , target ,.. debuff ,nothing .


In Naryu , i will try explain better - We fight , the boss is killed . cool , Go ahead . Always Destroyer stay Stucked in combat position . My Destroyer can´t Sprint , Windwalk , JUMP . Solution to stay inside Dg: Die - Reborn and run all way again to the next Boss and Suicide again , etc ...  . That´s is the problem . Try do Naryu this way Once ...try, and u will understand what i am talking about . 


That is the problem my FM ( I create a month ago just to test Delay , etc )  do all that without problem , the combat position at the end of combat take few seconds ( 2 max 3 ) and gone  . Only the destroyer my first char and favorite class this occurs .

[ ]´s


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The combat bug does happen from time to time after fights, but it happens to everyone in the party, not just me. Even though this is annoying, I don't get it very often so it doesn't bother me much. Either way, this is not related to Destroyer, it happens to all classes, but it's never as you say, it only does it after you were in combat. I find it very weird that this only happens to you, it might be a weird bug, I have no idea...


I don't know what else to say, you could try sending a ticket to support, but from my experience, they are useless and make you do things that are completely unrelated to your problem. Still worth a try though.

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Yes . I tried Support Ticket They Suggest i try some help here :)


Anyway : Problem Solved !


When The Silverfrost update arrives , and the lvl 50 Cap´s I remember who appears a screen asking me to choose a build Destroyer Venon , Earth etc ... And i close that because my Skills was ok at that time .


When brainy type : " weird glitch " i remember from a old game(12-14 years ago ) where arrived tear 4 skills too and all char should choose one Build or weird problems occurs with char .

So I

1)I removed all equipped itens on char .

2)Open Martial Tome (K) - Recommended Builds button ( top right ) and choose a build Shadow ( i use Earth) then remove all points from all skills. Zero points distributed .

3)close the game ...and wait until day after .


Next Day : reequip all itens from inventory , choose build Earth and allocate the others points . Close the game and relog .


UNBELIEVABLE .... No more problems . 

Now jump is ok ... Now char hits his head on the ceiling . :)

Damage ( DPS) increased . No clue why .

Leech Hp on Critical Attack is very good ,

Char don´t receive to much upset (Down) like before .

Typhon and Hurricane works fine .

Several Buff´s just appears now using skill´s : This never happens before !

1,2 3 Seconds and the Blood Combat Position ENDS ...... :)))) Since i do this ( 05/16 - 5 days ago ) no more stuck in DG or Instance . Is so cool be the first in the hall of Boss :) 


So tks , because i was read to abandon this game .


[ ]´s


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