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*SIGH* Clan outfit crafting is just retarted


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Its just too expensive. Getting anything you want drives the price WAY up.


And you know that any major guild will have the costs on its leaders to pay for lower members. 


There is simply no way to afford a full outfitting of the guild. You're going to be paying more then $10,000 US dollars to get away from the default set, no joke.


I don't know whether to laugh at this stupidity or rage at NC. Either way, I'm not doing this! If my guild can't be together then screw it!


Bye bye, pretty clan costumes. I will never wear you.



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we planned this before the 27th april, when kaari lord comes out we start to hunt for the materials and buy off the marketplace. ( dye polish 6g 70s ~ 8g ) ( AA Design 21g ~ 30g )

we needed like 80 Dye Polish and 30 Air Assassin Design(usual) for the cost. I believe your clan can do it as well. i can only say that my clan members spent at most $50 usd in this game just for premium, expansion of trove and some boxes from the events. this game is really free to play, they've already given us lots of benefits and spoonfeeding events. They gave us sufficient time to upgrade our weapons from a True Profane to True Pirate and they even mentioned about helping each other in the game to upgrade their weapon too. we've been complaining all the time about how bad NCSoft is and how ruined the market is.

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There are like 4 Cerulean clans and 1 Crimson clan with the most expensive clan outfit existing on Mushin alone.

(Just contract fees on my current clan for that outfit is 1000G+)

So yea, I'm in one of these clans, every members are expected to contribute and in that way, you don't have to bear the heavy burden alone. Its called clan for a reason.


If you happen to aim for such outfit, then..

20,000 beans for a design is extremely difficult for just leader to contribute, or even a few Veterans with you. You will need tons of active members to farm 20,000 beans and contribute accordingly since you will need 30 of the designs, excluding the other materials that involves tons of Mirage crystals that can be farm at Soulstone Plain (This isn't a problem to farm if you are in the dominating faction), High amount of fabrics that probably needed to be bought off at Marketplace to craft Clan Fabrics. 


Besides, you can't expect it to finish up all the materials and the requirement for contract fees in a blink of eye. It took awhile for us to amass 1,000 golds for contract fees and took about a week to gather up the crafting materials.


I've checked those under Lv10 clan outfit before, those costs aren't that unbearable at all, there's no way its over USD 10,000.

Again, tell your clan members to contribute. If you find that you couldn't do it with your clan, leave your clan or change your members. It's a long term group work. 

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A nice clan outfit can be made with 1500ish gold, it's not a lot if you got 10 active members, that's only 150g for each (including all materials). Ofc there are more outfits, more expensive, but with 1500g you can make a nice one. Make all memebers contribute as a clan, gl

Our clan is gathering already for this, making us (the ppl who want this outfit, if another want, it later, have to pay the same amount of us, for example if we did pay 150g each, he have to pay 150g too) donate each week to make it not that hard, you can easy donate 10 soulstone/day, is not that a lot, aslo 1g/day? or 20g/week? you get a lot more from daily quest, just take time

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